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YAYO is an independent project born in Brasil in 2018 that mixes experimental clothing with music, arts and genderless slow-fashion.

Every textile is hand-painted by the artist and creator Akira Liones. Since 2020 based in Berlin, but constantly navigating back home to São Paulo and Barcelona.

Every piece is recovered from 2nd hand and textile waste, so sizes and cuts are unique but specified at the product page.

Every week there are new pieces available, but you can pre-order a specific one here.

The production of a piece takes from 5 - 15 days and is made with acrylic ink for textiles, so it lasts just as good

(or even better) than any printed piece.

There are no big special cleaning methods required, just don't go over 30 degrees. How you can take care of your YAYO you can find here.

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YAYO is a project of safe environment for creative exploration, to experiment with photography, video, painting, dance and collaborate with other artists and areas. 

At the moment based in Berlin and shipping to all Europe, Brasil and USA. Please have in mind that shipping time vary and as soon as posted its the post offices responsibility. A tracking code will be sent for you to follow.

All products are genderless.

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